Individual Life Coaching will propel you to move forward and create lasting positive change in your life. Partnering with a Life Coach will allow you to set goals and work towards achieving them. Define the steps and learn to align your actions with your goals.


Our group sessions are facilitated by our energetic and fun-loving coaches in a warm and safe environment. Embark on this journey and learn to live in the moment, acquire excellent communication skills, make better decisions and set goals for yourself.

Well known clients


Whether you are starting a new business, have relationship goals or simply need clarity; We are here to help. We take pride in working with men and women from different walks of life, who are eager to align their actions with their goals.

See what some of our clients are saying about us.

  • “Roberto’s enthusiasm in your personal goals makes you feel that they are not only attainable but within your reach. He’s able to do this by helping you create a map on how to reach them. Simply put, Roberto is a great motivator and cheerleader.”

    Owner on instagram

  • “Sonya has helped me achieve a level of confidence I didn’t know was in me. Together, we worked through the thoughts and behaviours that were holding me back and keeping me stuck. I have now taken control of my life and am seeing incredible growth in my business. I'm on my way and moving forward, holding my head high. Sonya is a coach that really listens and builds you up to be at your best. I'm sure she can help you achieve your goals too!”

    Sarah O
    Mom of 2 and Business owner

  • “Sonya and Roberto Carlos were fun, engaging and vibrant. There was never a dull moment in this workshop! I appreciated hearing others perspectives and having a safe space to share. I will definitely use the tools and information I acquired. This has made our workplace a better place to be. Thank you.”

    Olivia R
    Upper Canada Child Care Teacher