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 “If you think you’d like me to be your coach, email me to set up a free discovery session. Let’s talk about your goals and how you can reach them. Usually, it’s a lot of fun!”

Sonya Barbezat

Sonya Barbezat is a mindset and confidence coach who empowers professional women and entrepreneurs. Her passion and purpose is to support her clients to manage their busy lives and make their bravest dreams a reality. Sonya has the ability to guide you to overcome fear, self doubt, procrastination and to boldly take action toward your goals.
Sonya has pursued and invested in her own growth and development with the help of a life coach and believes that everyone can learn to create a life they desire and see actual results, while also developing a greater appreciation for life. With over 5 years of coaching experience, she is well accomplished in one-on one and group settings.
Sonya’s effervescent character makes her open to new experiences and adventures. She has determination, travelled extensively, experienced different cultures, is bilingual and has a broad perspective of the world.
Sonya holds a Life Skills Coaching Certificate from George Brown College. In addition to her Certified Coach Practitioner qualification from the Certified Coaches Federation, she also has a Certificate in Management from Concordia University.

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